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Foreseen lectures at RBI, to be held in year 1 and 2 at RBI


  • Selected topics of SM and BSM (A. Romanino 4h)
  • Dark Matter in galaxies theory and observations (Salucci 4h)
  • Structure formation (Lapi 4h)
  • Cosmology and high redshift probes, supermassive black hole phenomenology (Danese 2h)
  • Dirac operator (Dabrowski 4h)
  • Vector bundles and applications to topological quantum field theory (U. Bruzzo 4h)
  • Noncommutative Geometry and the Standard model (K. van Dungen 4h)
  • Solid state - Topics in Numerical Modelling of Materials (S. De Gironcoli) (6h, 3 lectures)

From LPT:

  • Strong and weak interactions in the SM (A. Abada, S. Descotes-Genon or D. Becirevic)
  • Extensions of the Standard Model (A. Abada and/or D. Becirevic)
  • Flavour physics in the quark sector (S. Descotes-Genon and/or D. Becirevic)
  • Flavour physics in the lepton sector, neutrino in particle physics and cosmology (A. Abada)
  • QCD in the nonperturbative regime (D. Becirevic and/or S. Descotes-Genon)
  • Selected topics in perturbative QCD (S. Wallon)
  • Selected topics of Noncommutative geometry, algebraic methods and differential calculus (JC Wallet, M. Dubois-Violet)

From LMU:

  • RBI Institute colloquium (G. Dvali);
  • EFT methods at the LHC (G. Buchalla)
  • Lectures on Conformal Field Theory (R. Blumenhagen, ~6h)
  • Lectures on Scattering amplitudes in SYM using the Grassmannian formulation and the amplituhedron' (L. Ferro, ~6h)
  • RBI Institute colloquium (D. Lüst)
  • Black-brane solutions in gauged supergravity (M. Haack, 2h)