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To simplify the management overhead and avoid the risk of clashes, common in multi-participant projects, we will ask the leading members of the participant institutions to form a Project Management Board (PMB). It is intended to be the main executive and decision making body of the RBI-T-WINNING project, assisting the Project Coordinator. It will contain one member representing each institution. This structure is designed in order to enable the centers of excellence to provide input and feedback through it, in addition to the tasks described in the Consortium Agreement such as revision of the Grant Agreement, such as node removal/addition, etc. Circulation of the ongoing project status to all the institutions and groups is intended to increase the transparency of the management and thus to reduce at minimum the risks of conflicts.

To ensure the smooth implementation of the project an Administrative assistant is hired on the direct costs of the project.

Finally, in order to reduce the risk of shortage of management resources at the main RBI (DTP) node, the project coordinator will be assisted by a Project Manager.

Members of the PMB are: Vinko Zlatić (DTP, Project Coordinator) (former, Fabrizio Nesti (Y1), Kornelija Passek-Kumerički (Y2)), Kornelija Passek-Kumerički (DTP, Project Manager) (former, Vinko Zlatić), Blaženka Melić (DTP director; former, Željko Crljen), Sébastien Descotes-Genon (LPT), Paolo Salucci (SISSA), Dieter Lüst (LMU), Kim Sneppen (NBI).
PMB Contacts.

(see also Consortium Agreement)

The project tasks are grouped in five work-packages, listed here with the current coordinators for each work-package:

  • WP1 (Updating knowledge) : Predrag Lazić (DTP)
  • WP2 (Strengthening the Research capabilities) : Oleg Antipin (DTP) (former, K. Passek-Kumerički)
  • WP3 (Regional Impact) : Larisa Jonke (DTP)
  • WP4 (Dissemination): Kornelija Passek-Kumerički (DTP) (former, B. Melić, V. Zlatić)
  • WP5 (Project management) : Project Coordinator (Vinko Zlatić) (former, Fabrizio Nesti (Y1), Kornelija Passek-Kumerički (Y2)), and PMB.

Administrative assistent is Antonela Maračić.